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This incredibly fun and interactive soccer game allows you to manage and control your own team

This incredibly fun and interactive soccer game allows you to manage and control your own team

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Android Mac

FIFA 12 is a soccer simulation game from EA that was released in 2012. The game was an impressive step up from the previous version, and it includes an updated list of teams and players.

FIFA is a series that has been developing faster and faster over the years, and now it rivals the experience of Pro Evolution Soccer. Many soccer video game fans would claim that FIFA 12 was the first game in the FIFA series to eclipse the PES game from the same year.

This version of FIFA uses the strong foundation of the game as a base, and there are three main areas of improvement. The first is the player impact engine, the second is the precision dribbling system, and the third is tactical defense. Each of these greatly impacts the experience of the game, but the player impact engine is by far the most effective.

This updated physics engine completely alters the dynamics of the game. Contact and tackling are handled much differently than they were in previous versions of FIFA, and the results are much more realistic. Some have said the engine will only result in more frequent injuries amongst the digital players since they can now knock each other down while fighting for the ball.

The entire process of defense has been streamlined, so you can't simply press a button and have a defender automatically steal the ball from an attacking player. These sorts of tactics might have worked in previous versions of FIFA, but such a tactic in this version could easily allow the attacking player to slip through unchecked. That means the entire defense system is based on timing, and while that does take some getting used to, it makes you a better player.

FIFA 12 includes one of the most intuitive dribbling systems in any FIFA game. It's not as difficult to sneak past defenders, and trick plays and shots feel simpler to perform.

To create a maximally realistic experience, FIFA uses licensed players, teams, and clubs as the basis for their leagues. An impressive addition to this feature is that the game is linked to player transfer windows in the winter and summer, and when changes are made in real life, they are mirrored in the game.

The FIFA series has famously had excellent graphics, and this version is no different. The animation quality has gone up, and the graphics are slightly smoother than in the previous version. If you opt for the full version, you'll gain access to a huge online element with lots of social interaction.

When playing the demo of FIFA 12, you'll be able to play as AC Milan, Manchester City, Arsenal, Barcelona, Olympic Marseille, and Borussia Dortmund. Some of the more advanced settings are left out of the demo, and you are only allowed to play one practice game.


  • Amazing Graphics
  • Precise Controls
  • Real-World Players
  • True-To-Life Gameplay


  • Tricky Defending